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The Balungu came from Bunyangabu found in Toro kingdom and moved through Rwenzori Mountain there father Elungu produced seven (7) children named Bughiyo, kataama, Mugombuwa, Kayanja, Mbaali, Nyama and lastly Kauka.

Elungu died in Bulungu in Toro kingdom (Kabarole District, Bunyangabu county). His seven children migrated from Bulungu and settled on the slopes of mount Rwenzori. The slopes were mainly Butaama, Kaghughu, Bujumila, Kasanji and Kabhango villages. From here they had their cultural sites.

Later they migrated from the hills to the lower lands kisongo, Lwabhatua, Mirambi, Nyahungu, Kuka, Nabhuji, Nadule, Nankilo, Kanamwilima, Nalulu and Twaito areas. In the north the Balungu bordered Basu, in the East they bordered Baninibe, in the west they borderd Babandi and in the south they bordered with the Balungu, currently this space is occupied by the Bakonjo.

Totem of the Balungu
The leopard is the totem of the Kilungu clan because it defended and protected the Balungu from war. It killed enemies who wanted to attack the Balungu especially the attackers who were known as the Kanyabughoma.

Secondly when one day the Balungu were on transit they slept in a cave of a leopard and when it found them there it would slept with them there peacefully without harming any of them and because of this from then a leopard became friendly to the Balungu and hence it became the totem of the Balungu.The Batama reared leopards as their domestic animals and so they used them in hunting.

This story was compiled by the following people:
1.Birikumwani Erikana
2.Adyau Yolamu
3.Betamirwe Nsunga Isaya
4.Tibemanya Fobiano
5.Rev. Yovani Mutogwabo Musuba

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