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The Banyamwera clan is part of the Twenty five (25) clans of the Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba (OBB) cultural institution. The Banyamwera clan is made up of 12 sub-clans namely,

Kitara is the father of Mwera and Murungu who originally stayed in Bunyoro being Munyoro. In Bunyoro kingdom, people of the leopard totem were killed at every coronation anniversary, so Kitara was killed and this forced Mwera and Murungu run away. On their way to exile, they first stayed at Kagadi and later migrated to Karago. Here, they got misunderstandings after Mwera`s wife called Kayenye used Murungu`s water. These misunderstandings forced Mwera and his wife leave Murungu and went to Busongora and stayed in a place called Bwera. This place was named after Mwera. Here, he produced a son whom he named Hagha.
While in Bwera, a war broke out and this forced him to run to Kahuka and named this place Bunyamwera and from here he produced the second whom he called Lipha. When Kyenye died, Mwera and his sons went and stayed in Bombolo. Hagha and Lipha married and produced children as follows:

Hagha`s Children:
child offsprings
a.Kusaama ———————- Bandikusaama
b.Songora ———————– Basongora
c.Nyaata ————————- Bandibunyata
d.Kibaate ————————- Bandikibaate
e.Senge ———————- Basenge

Lipha`s Children:
a.Bhundu ——————– Bandibhundu
bKiroro ——————- Bandikiroro
c.Rusiya ——————– Bandirusiya
d.Sekiya ———————- Basekiya
e.Kaano ——————— Bandimukaano
f.Mboyo ——————– Bandimboyo
g.Bumbuku —————— Bandimbuku
h.Menge ——————– Bamenge

It should be noted that Mwera and Murungu are brothers that is why the Barungu and Banyamwera have the same totem. The children of Hagha and Lipha were Banyamwera, they were named after their grandfather Mwera. They occupied and settled in the of: Nkarara, Bukondo, Ntoosa, Lumburumbu, Bombolo, Mambiro, Nkasese, Kijanjabha, Bhugyambira, Mbika,Mamirimar, Tokwe, Sara, Mujubba, and Kichanga in D.R. .Congo.
During and before the colonial rule, the Banyamwera were peacefully settled in the traditional land comprising of the area stretching from River Semuliki banks right to Sara stream and down to Lamia river which marks the boundary of Uganda and D.R. Congo. It is believed that before the demarcation of Uganda and Congo, the area from Burangapasi to River Rwamia was administered by the Banyamwera. The eviction from those areas occupied by Banyamwera, Babandi, Bahanda and other clans was effected in 1920 after the outbreak of an epidemic disease of sleeping sickness (Bbhongoote) in the Semuliki National Park.

This story was compiled by Oweng. Bakecura Coroneluis

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