Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Economic set up of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba

Agriculture is the main income earner in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba (OBB) and most households obtain their livelihoods from it. OBB is divided into 2 food economy zones. These include the highland zone, the lowland agricultural zone. Bananas, beans, cocoa, coffee, palm oil and vanilla are equally grown in all the food economy zones. Cassava is predominately grown in the highland and lowland zone whereas sweet potatoes and groundnuts are common in the lowland zone. Many households rely on crop and livestock sales as their main source of income and cocoa as well as oil palm in the low lands.

Overall, OBB enjoys fertile alluvial soils, variety of food and cash crops, readily human resource to practice farming. However, some of the challenges include inadequate agro-business skills, poor attitudes towards food production in favour of cash crops, subsistence farming, retrogressive land tenure systems, and weak cooperative societies. Presently, some of these challenges are being addressed through extension of advisory services provided by government and other service providers, expansion of market for the agricultural services as a result of improved road infrastructure, and promotion of community savings and co-operative groups (SACCOs) that support agriculture, trade and other livelihood development opportunities.

Despite the above efforts, more work is required to address the problem of pests and diseases, price fluctuations, monoculture, climate changes, inorganic farming practices, increased monopoly of outside companies, and inadequate information available to farmers especially about better markets for their products.

Most people in OBB depend upon trees for their fuel needs, such as cooking, heating, and baking bricks. The area has only recently been connected to the national hydroelectricity power grid. However, only 0.2% of the households have access to electricity leaving 98.8% dependent on firewood and charcoal as a source of household energy. There some households and organizations which use thermal and solar power for running of various gadgets like computers. This over dependency on wood products has led to massive destruction of trees and bare hills are common in OBB institution which facilitates soil and water run offs.

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