Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Aims and objectives of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba

Under Chapter Two of the Constitution of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba, this cultural institutions is established to specifically pursue the following aims and objectives;
01 To establish and maintain an institutional framework for the institution of the cultural leadership of Obudhingiya Bawa Bwamba.
02 To initiate, stimulate, support and maintain cultural and social unity and cooperation among the ethnic communities (Banabudhingiya) by forging and promoting unity amongst all Obudhingiya clans to achieve a single and, strong social and cultural community.
03 To preserve, foster and enrich Obudhingiya cultural heritage, and to discard those which are obsolete or are inconsistent with morality.
04 To protect and promote the traditional cultural sites, institutions and related identities of Obudhingiya.
05 To advise and settle all disputes of cultural nature in respect of land, marriage, tradition, custom religion and all other aspects of customary/traditional life and to set up institutions to effect their management and sustainability.
06 To initiate, encourage, foster and promote economic and social development in Obudhingiya and in particular.
i) To create, launch and encourage competitive attitudes of Obudhingiya
ii) To increase and develop the quality and efficiency of resources such as land, water, forests and other physical features within Obudighiya land, for their proper management.
iii) To develop knowledge and skill through the use of appropriate technology.
iv) To identify, initiate, promote and manage projects of all types, which can effectively be used to improve the socio-economic welfare and or rehabilitation of all people within and outside Obudhingiya.
v) To work towards the creation of an integrated and self-sustaining economy in Obudhingiya and Uganda as a whole.
07 To support erect and develop educational programmes, projects, institutions and related activities in Obudhingiya and in particular;
i) To support and encourage formal and informal education of all kinds to the young and old alike.
ii) To support, maintain and improve existing schools and institutions in Obudhingiya.
iii) To support and promote sports activities of all kinds.
iv) To provide functional literacy.
v) To assist trainees, graduates in obtaining and creating jobs.
08 To initiate, foster, promote, develop and maintain primary and rural health care programmes and in particular to;
i) Build, support and maintain rural communities in maintaining good health and nutrition in Obudhingiya.
ii) Stimulate and support rural communities in maintaining good health and nutrition in Obudhingiya.
09 To promote the provision of clean water and rural sanitation in Obudhingiya, and in particular;
i) To dig and maintain natural wells.
ii) To sink and maintain boreholes and similar water sources
iii) To import, supply and avail or otherwise deal in machinery for providing water and parts thereof.
10 To promote co-operation and collaboration with the Government of Uganda, International and Local organizations in achieving any or all the objectives afore-mentioned.
11 To foster and promote peaceful co-existence with communities and tribes neighbouring Obudhingiya.
12 To provide a form for the exchange of views, information and experiences on matters of interest to the promotion of unity and social and economic development of Obudhingiya and for that purpose to hold regular consultations, meetings, seminars, research lectures, workshops for the discussion and resolving topical issues.
13 To sensitize and motivate the people to participate actively in self-help and self-reliance projects.
14 To raise and administer finances from whatever source including grants donations, loans, investments, contributions, fees and subscription, necessary for carrying out anyone or more of these objectives.
15 To print and publish newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets that the Institution may deem desirable for the promotion of its objectives herein contained and to share information with persons, institutions or bodies devoted to serving Obudhingiya, and those sharing similar objects and aims as those of the institution of the Cultural leadership of the Obudhingiya.
16 In furtherance of the foregoing objectives, Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba shall have power and capacity through its organs to do any or all of the following:
i) To purchase, lease, take of gift, devise or request or otherwise acquire, own, hold, improve or deal in real property and any other thing whatsoever.
ii) To sell, convey, mortgage, pledge, lease, exchange, transfer or otherwise dispose off all or any of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba’s properties whenever it deems necessary.
iii) To enter into contracts for the benefit of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba.
iv) To draw, make, accept, endorse, issue and negotiate bills of exchange, promissory notes, warrants and other negotiable instruments.
v) To do any or all lawful acts, suitable, useful, desirable or proper for the advancement of Unity, Peace and Development in Obudhingiya.

OMUDHINGIYA is the symbol of Bamba, Vanuma and Babwisi’s dignity and his presence is inspiring the community with a sense of unity, peace, tranquillity, joy, happiness and the continuity of our cherished way of life for future generations to emulate.

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