Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Obudhingiya Executive Council (Ministries)

Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba has a number of portfolios of the Executive Council (Ministers) for the smooth running of the institution. The specific ministers to occupy these positions at any one time are appointed by Omudhingiya and approved by Kusei, the Cultural Council which serves as the institution’s parliament or Rukaloto Lukulu

Currently the following portfolios are designated in the structure of the institution;
a) Ministry of Culture and Social Mobilization
b) Ministry of Royal Protocol
c) Ministry of Royal Infrastructure and Transport
d) Ministry of Land and Other Natural Resources
e) Ministry of Agriculture
f) Ministry of Health
g) Ministry of Education
h) Ministry of Gender and Social and Development
i) Ministry of Youth and Sports
j) Minister of Special Interest Groups
k) Ministry of Information, Research and documentation
l) Ministry of Finance
m) Ministry Planning and Economic Development
n) Ministry of Security and Internal Affairs
o) Ministry of Trade and Industrial Cooperation
p) Ministry of Constitutional Affairs
q) Ministry of External Relations
r) Minister without portfolio in the office of the Katikilo
s) Minister of Special duties in the office of Omudhingiya
t) Ministry of General duties in the office of Omudhingiya

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